Первоклассная тёлка Вероника Вэйн получает мокрый оргазм

Fantasy HD
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Anonymous 1 год назад
Beautiful long hair. Pretty eyes. Lovely mouth & lips. Love that she squirts. And, she has a nice pussy.
Would have liked to have seen a lot more of it up close! Is the guy in this video really excited & enthused to have sex with her? Other than the fact that he has an erection, can't really tell. Millions of guys would give almost anything to have the opportunity he's got -- & they'd be damn excited, enthusiastic, & aroused -- & she'd be able to tell, & so would anybody watching! She's got her mouth open in anticipation of his cum, but as soon as some cum goes into her mouth, she closes her mouth & pushes the cum out. It kind of pathetic for a girl in porn to not want cum in her mouth. Most guys LOVE the taste of pussy juice/cream, & are extremely turned on by it. (But, apparently, a lot of women "don't like the taste" of a man's cum. Seems more psychological than anything, & very sad. For most men, having a woman who really genuinely loves the taste of your cum, loves to take your cum in her mouth, & loves to swallow it, is about the most meaningful & profound thing that can be experienced in sex.
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Anonymous 2 года назад
Song name?
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Yam 3 года назад
all I can think about is her gorgeous boobs
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JAmbo 3 года назад
I wish she were more active
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Физрук 3 года назад
Ох я бы пожарил эту рыбку
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Ronda 3 года назад
She would look more beautiful if she had a suntan
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GIGI 3 года назад
I ' sure her pussy is as sweet as honey

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